Nat West Rugby Force 2020 - Saturday 5th September 9am - 6pm


Your Club needs your assistance / participation

Hope you are all well in the current situation.

You may recall that last year we were successful in receiving sponsorship from Nat West of 500 to help clubs help themselves by getting members, volunteers, friends and supporters to chip in to improve their club environments. The more people that participate the more work we got done. This year we have again been successful in being allocated another 500. It is intended that this is seen as an opportunity to get works done in a team bonding / building manner. We are intending to carry out some / all the following: -

• Relocate paving slabs
• Redecorate fascias
• Generally cut back and tidy up perimeter vegetation to car park boundaries
• Lot of hedge maintenance.
• Might be a particular thing that has been bugging you and you can now sort it.

Clearly this will take a big commitment on our part but we do need your commitment and participation. Some of the work will by necessity need specialist machinery and this will be organised separately to the day of the event.

Ideally we would like to set up a series of small teams who could take responsibility for one or more of the options above. Other contributions could be making coffee and tea getting drinks etc. etc.

The weekend this is to occur is Saturday 5 September 2020. Please can you let me know if you would be able / willing to participate and we will arrange things from there. If you can only make an appearance for a couple of hours that is better than no appearance at all. Every little bit of effort will be an improvement for us all. Bring some appropriate equipment with you.

This really is an opportunity to get members, friends, family, locals, young, old, male, female involved in helping the club.

Hopefully you can participate.

Thanking you in anticipation.

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