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Hire the clubhouse & grounds
Telephone 01924 823619 or e-mail

Manley Park is a hidden gem, nestled within the village of Stanley in the north of Wakefield.
The clubhouse has been renovated recently and has a bright, modern look inside. It is equally at home being used for conferencing, children's parties or a private evening party.
There is a well appointed kitchen with stainless steel benches, a microwave oven, gas oven and gas hobs which would easily cater for the busiest of functions.
The new bar is well stocked with a variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.
The President's Room is plush with deep leather sofas and plenty of informal upholstered seating.
If you'd like to host a sporting event, we have over 11½ acres of well tended grounds. This includes a rugby pitch that is the envy of its neighbours, an exercise area and floodlit training area. There are also four changing rooms with separate referees room and bath and shower area.
A large floodlit car park ensures you get to your car or taxi safely, day or night.

Recent uses of the club include:
Local band practices
Children's parties
Birthday and other parties
Scooter club rally
Sports festivals (youth football and rugby)
Charity sports matches
(Please note that only under exceptional circumstances wll we accept bookings for children's parties - aged 15 to 18).
If you would like to hire Manley Park (clubhouse or grounds) please contact Ian Young.
Telephone 01924 823619 or e-mail