Mon 12 Aug 2019 19:53

You will recall that earlier this year we issued a survey to give you an opportunity to indicate a whole range of your views about the club. One aspect of which was what could we do to improve various elements. There was considerable acknowledgement that the initial impression created when you arrive at the club was the poor condition of the entranceway and car park. Accordingly, we have carried out a range of works to hopefully address, in part, this issue (please see associated photographs indicating before and after). Unfortunately the area immediately when you turn off Lee Moor Road is not in our ownership so we are very restrained as to what we can / cannot do. We're sure however you will appreciate the massive improvement and associated benefits this will provide. Unfortunately the prohibitive cost of tarmacing, even part of the car park area, has prevented us doing what we would really like to do but in the future who know's. There is still lots of finishing works to be done and further works to follow so watch this space.

We are continuing to take due cognisance of the views identified and will address these as appropriate as we move foward. 

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