For more information on why Pete has decided to take on this challenge or to make a donation please visit Petes Cancer Research Giving Page using the following link.

Peter's Giving Page - Cancer Research UK.

Pete Completes His Charity Walk In Aid of Cancer Reasearch UK.

Well guys, that’s me done, and I mean I am absolutely DONE, I have just completed the last 7 miles of my walk along the coasts of Somerset, North Devon. Cornwall, South Devon & Dorset.

To say it’s been hard is an understatement but I have enjoyed doing it, I could not have completed this though without all the support I have received through your donations, messages, advice and company.

I owe special thanks to Julie, Colin, Don, Danny & Julian who have been collecting on my behalf whilst I have been walking.

Also the generosity of complete strangers I have met and spoken to on the way.

If you have thought about donating but still have to get round to doing it, now is a good time to do it.

I will give a summary and the total donated when I get home.

And last but no means least the biggest thanks goes to Maureen without whom this would not have been possible, thanks love.

Kind Regards and Many Thanks from us both,
Pete & Mo👣👣👣👣👣

Into The Last Few Miles

Well, here I am into the last few miles, 50 to 55 miles to the end, hurray.

Joe Johnson walked 73 miles with me a couple of weeks ago an Neil Harvey joined me this Saturday and walked a couple of days with me, Lyme Regis to Weymouth, great company and support, see the photo of this fine specimen climbing one of the five big hills I had saved for him.

Magic Mo is walking around Portland Bill with me tomorrow, and then its on to Ludworth cove, from there onto Swanage across a large expanse of military ranges if they are closed, if not it will be interesting.

After that it is the final leg up to South Haven Point in Poole Harbour and the finish.

Thank you all for your amazing support and generous donations over the last 7 weeks, I will give a final summary of the amount raised and I will include anything I think is worth mentioning at some point after I have finished.

The just giving page is still live and accepting donations so please visit it if you have not already done so or inform anyone else you think may be interested in donating.

The link is;

Cheers All, Kind Regards and Many Thanks, Pete & Mo.

Joe Johnson walked 73 miles with Pete

Neil Harvey Walked 2 days with Pete

Previous Updates Below.

Good afternoon all,

Well what can I say about the events of the last week, get the bad news out of the way first, been laid up for 2 the last 2 dys with a small blister on the left of my left heel, hopefully walking again tomorrow with a decent dressing on it..

Now for all the positive stuff, my mate Joe Johnson joined me last Saturday and kept me company from Monday to Friday, for those of you who do not know Joe, he is a survivor of bowel cancer, he is 73, and he kept me company for a distance of 73 miles, great guy, cannot thank him enough for his efforts.

We had one or two interesting occurrence's during our walk, a young lady came running past us at one point, and we swapped a few comments with her, ten minutes later she came running back towards us, and ask what we do with cows, our response was we eat them!
it transpired a herd of cows were wandering along the narrow path towards us, there was about 30, we turned them around and herded them back along the path until they went back into the field.
The young ladies name was Marianna who was going to meet her husband and kids further along, go onto my Just giving page to see the conclusion of this little episode. Thank you Marianna.

Walking over the Carlyon Golf course we waited for one guy to take his shot which was a pitch up to the green, passed some comments with him and his partner the we got the chance to have a shot, fell about ten yards short of the green but did not embarrass ourselves, cheers Peter and your partners, it broke up the walk for us.

We had to use a few ferries during the week, Giilian Harbour, Helford river and thanks to those guys.

The photos; Joe with wild Shetland ponies, do ask which one is Joe, he is very sensitive.
On the St Mawes Ferry the final one is my blistered foot.

The last one is the sponsored miles chart which covers up to 290 miles.

Well that's it for this week, thank you all for your comments and messages of support, they are greatly appreciated and certainly keep my spirits up, please keep them coming, Pass this on to anyone who you think might be interested.

Kind Regards & god bless Pete & Mo (who I could not do this without).

Hi All,

Well here's my weekly update, a couple of milestones this week. On Tuesday I reached and passed Lands End, which means I have turned the corner and I am now in the home straight. I carried on that day and reached Penzance, which was a walk of 27 miles, I was mildly tired by the end.

I have now reached the Lizard which is the official half way point of the walk at 300 mile, as the walk is actually 630 mile your money is still safe Stouty for another day.

I think I have now reached around the £3,000 pound mark with all your generous donations, which is fantastic and is beyond my realistic expectations. At the moment the value of my walking is around £5 per mile. If you have not donated yet my just giving link is at the bottom of the page.

Also I owe a massive thanks to Magic Mo's Mercy Missions without her this would not be happening.

Here are some of the absolutely fantastic things that have happened during this half of the walk and some people who deserve a mention for their support and generosity;

Phil Speight, met him in a pub in Lynmouth, gave me a tenner.
Sara met her on one of the campsites gave me a tenner.
Ferry man at Padstow, no charge for the crossing.
Jill at Cornish Fresh in Porthcothan, complimentary Cornish Pastie and coffee my first since passing into Cornwall.
Adrian, man walking is dog at 06:30 in the morning gave me a fiver and rushed off, he was quite emotional.
Fiona at the Porthcothan Campsite, and the lady and gentleman that invited me for tea.

Corinna and Bob met them on the path and later met them in Portreath, offered me a lift back to Liskeard, ended up having a couple of beers with them, they have offered me accommodation in Looe when I am passing through and have since donated on my just giving page. Bob is a cancer survivor.
A lady on the path who gave me £1.70, that's all she had on her.
Edwin & Diane a German Couple who gave me a lift into Pendeen Village from the coast, when I really needed it.
John at the North Inn in Pendeen, complimentary camping facilities.
A guy called Pete and his kids gave me a fiver whilst I was having my dinner in the North Inn.
A Lovely Irish lady called Moira who filled my water bottle at Penberth and gave me a Twenty at the same time.
Connie and Dan who gave me lift from the coast path to a Railway station.

Finally for this half of the walk a massive thanks to Anthony & Jane Warner who met me on the path around St Agnes, and to Philip Lindhop who I walked with for about 20 minutes. Look at my fundraising page to see their generosity after such a short chat.

I do not have contact details for all of the above but they all deserve a massive thanks for their support and generosity.

Looking forward to Joe Johnson joining me over the weekend and walking with me from Monday for 4/5 days, Joe is a cancer survivor who is now a fit seventy odd year old.

Cannot wait to see what the second half brings.

The first picture was the halfway mark at the Lizard.

The second picture was my window on the world on Friday evening.

Kind Regards and Thanks for all the donations and support!

Pete at Halfway 

Lizard Point

My Window On The World

Keep Up The Good Work Pete- From All at Stanley Rodillians RUFC

Good evening all it seem a long time since I gave an update, 28/07 I think, but the internet is patchy to say the least, I do believe I was somewhere around Bude or Boscatle, well today I have cracked the 200 mile, a third of it done.

I finished in St. Ives today which makes it 233 miles completed, the walking does not get any easier and I have climbed approximately 45,000 feet up to now.

My faithful support team, Maureen, went was home for 3 days which left me backpacking for 2 nights.

However some of the people I have met on the way have been fantastic and deserve a mention,

The ferry boat men at Padstow and Fern Pit (Newquay),
Jill at Cornish Fresh in Portcorran and Fiona on the campsite, as well as the people who have given me random donations along the way.

I had to gorilla glue my boots back together but they seem to holding out now.

Your donations are still trickling in and the is now around the £2,500 mark, so please keep it up. Your support is greatly appreciated.

I am now backpacking for the next 3 days, I am leaving St, Ives this morning and hope to reach Penzance by Wednesday evening.

I will update the mileage chart at the end of the week with all the latest donations and attach to my next update.

Thanks again for all your support and encouragement please keep it up, I really need it.

Could anyone who is in touch with Ian Carthew or Pete Mills please tell the their email address’s are not responding.

Please forward this to anyone you think may be interested or anyone you know I may Babs missed.

Kind Regards and Many Thanks Pete & Mo

I started my walk to raise money for Cancer Research on Wednesday. Here I am at the starting point in Minehead. So far I’ve completed 64 miles sponsored by Michael Mercer, James Primmer, Sam Wray, Jonathan Cutler, Trev Hall, Rosie Reilly, Alexander P Kelly, Alex Vic Good, Ian Hall, Paul Billy Barton, Stuart Smith, Margaret Smith, James Thompson, Declan Bennett, Mr F, Sue, Brendan Keogh-Smith and Lynne Williams

I’ve attached a couple of videos showing just how tough this trail is! I’ve climbed a total of 15,090ft (Snowdon is only 3560 ft) and tomorrow will be making my way towards Westward Ho.

Thanks again for all your support!

Video Widget

Video Widget

Pete Video Update 1

Pete Video Update 2

If anyone can, Canning Can!

All the best Pete from all at Stanley Rodillians RUFC.

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