Sun 21 Apr 2019 15:34

Junior Section Fixture List

Sun 28th April - Away - Goole              - 10am

Next Season Fixtures 2019-2020

Sun 15th Sep -  Away - Goole                 - 10am

Sun 22nd Sep - Home - West Leeds        - 10am

Sun 29th Sep - Away  - Pontefract ( & morley)      - 10am 

Sun 6th Oct    - Away - Moortown Festival - 10 am

Sun 13th Oct  - Away  - York                   - 10am

Sun 20th Oct  - Home - Wortley              - 10am

Sun 27th Oct  - Away - Driffield               -10 am

Sun 3rd Nov   - Away - Castleford           - 10am

Sun 17th Nov - Away - West Leeds         - 10am

Sun 24th Nov - Home - Moortown           - 10am

Sun 1st Dec   - Home - Pontefract           - 10am

Sun 8th Dec   - Away - Huddersfield YMCA - 10am

Sun 12th Jan - Away - Wortley (Sheffield) - 10am

Sun 19th Jan - Away - Moortown                - 10am

Sun 2nd Feb - Away - Wheatley Hills          - 10am



Thanks to Martyn Thompson for these photos , to view his full selection use the following link.

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We are very excited to announce we are now a member of the Quilter Kids First campaign.

Children that show the following behaviours ;


Will then earn their green laces, this is a fantastic project which will form our clubs core values, we are very keen to deliver a developing nurturing environment for all our children, we believe positive behaviour should be rewarded.

#letsgrowrugby #QuilterKidsFirst

Impressed was an understatement last night, I wasn't sure it would work having open age players training at the same night as the Juniors, after training the open age kicker was spending some time practicing his goal kicking.

My daughter who adores anything with regards rugby was asking questions about his technique whilst stood in the clubhouse, one of the players also in the clubhouse said why don't you ask him, she was a little apprehensive so he took her over to him, what followed was a 30 minute session teaching her and 5 other kids how to goal kick.
So if the Rodillians lose any matches due to goal kicking it's definitely the kids fault as he's spending more time teaching the kids 😂

When players make themselves available to the youngsters and integration occurs you build more fans for the game. I get the sense something is building here just want more people to see it.

Junior training is 6-30pm on a Tuesday if you have a child that's in Year 1-6 school age then bring them down and see what the fuss is about.
Big thanks to all the open age players that are making these kids feel welcome.

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